Car Parking Challenge

Car Parking Challenge

Car Parking Challenge

Davorin Đukic Oyunlar

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Reverse Parking Challenge.

Tightest parallel parking record beaten at new Mini launch -- Guinness World Records

Police Super Car Parking Challenge HD Android Gameplay by Thunder Gamers

Get on a car driving mission through city crowded with pedestrians, traffic cars and various obstacles. Try to find parking spots and park your car in time, but without crashing the car. Twisted roads, crazy city traffic, pedestrians and challenging obstacles are always on the road - so drive safely.

* 10 high quality cars: sports cars, sedans, pickups, you can drive everything
* Nice visuals: beautiful city roads, racing tracs, offroad roads, parking garages and much more
* Controls: arrows, tilt and steering wheel
* Cameras: Different camera angles, rotate camera 360 degrees around your car
* Free to play: unlock all cars just by completing the missions